Advantages & Process Cycle

  •  Complete design flexibility (freedom for the designer).
  •  Intricate shaped parts can be cast without usual mold parting line.
  •  Excellent surface finish of the order of 2.3 to 3.2 microns (varies according to alloy) can be obtained.
  •  A high degree of "as cast" dimensional accuracy.
  •  Typical 0.12 mm per linear 25 mm, INS normally achieved, hence reduction / elimination of machining operations.
  •  Lower tooling cost and high life of tooling.
  •  Accurate reproduction of fine details e.g. Slots, holes and cast letters (LOGO).
  •  Unlimited choice of alloys to obtain superior metallurgical properties.
  •  Intricate parts weighing from a few gms to 50 kg and maximum size of 350 x 350 x 250 can be cast.
  •  Suitable for batch as well as mass production at attractive price and low lead time. (Flexibility of ordering).
  •  Preparation of disposable wax patterns by injection moulding & inspections of wax patterns.
  •  Manufacturing & inspection of die as per customer’s drawing. Specifications with close tolerances
  •  Assembling of wax patterns on runner to from an assembly.
  •  Building a ceramic shell by alternate dipping of the assembly in ceramic slurry and stuccoing under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature.
  •  Pouring molten metal in the sintered shell and cooling under controlled atmosphere.
  •  Drying and de-waxing the ceramic shells.
  •  Breaking the shell, fettling, heat treatment and cleaning to the casting.