Manufacturing Process

Production process starts from receiving the die of the required product from the customer
Received Die

The second stage deals with the size of design required for the product demanded.

Example >>> the customer lends the design of the product wanted such a product is carved on the hard aluminum canvas.

Wax Department

This is the process where the warm wax is poured into the aluminium die. This room is centralized cooled so wax remains in the dies format.

This solid waxed piece is processed for the next process after the visual inspection. Here the wax piece is checked and forwarded.

Before Pre Coat Pieces are attached according to their Sizes as Follows

After Grouping

This the process where the grouped waxed shell is poured into the mixture of the liquid of the coloride silica & zircon flour/300.

After having poured the shell of wax into the mixture its kept in the cool room @ 20° cel for drying of the shell.

Final Coating

This is the process similar to the pre coating but the differ is that the liquid is mixed with the fueled silica powder to have the Harding to the shells outer cover.

After having dried the shell of sand coated shell is again kept in the cool room @ 10° cel for drying of the shell.


After drying of the shell Shell is taken to the room of the furnace where the shell is 150° o cel here the wax of the Shell is removed from the Bottom of the shell & we get the ready shell to pour the liquid iron Or the iron shell into it.


This is the process where the shell is warmed @ 1100° cel. in the furnace to have the hardening to the product.


Iron is melted at @ 1700° and carried to the hollow shells.and poured to it. Melted IRON @ 1700° cel.


Next to it the warm shell is kept in position and the warm melted iron is poured in to it.

Now the shell is filled and its kept to cool for a minutes and the into the water. For some hours

In Short

The shell is here heated 1100° o cel. And the melted iron or the iron steel which is melted @ 1700° o cel. Is poured in it and cooled with the help of the water and leaving it for hours to have the best quality of the iron or the iron steel product to serve to the customers. Next the product is sent for the further process.


Here the product has to pass from many of the steps following are some of the important stepd through which the product have to pass thoroughly,

In this step the shell filled with the iron is taken to the machine where the most of the possible shell particles are departed from it and passed to further step. This step includes the higher vibrating power through the sand particles get rid of the needed one.


Here the product is seperated from the group and the rather thing of the iron or the iron stell is again taken for the usage of the other product.


In this stage the departed products are given the finishing by the grinder With the air pressure.

Hence forth the product is passed to the dispatch and after the final inspection of the supervisor it is supplied to the customer.

This is along process and one product takes atleast 9 days for its completion.